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To Good Health & Fitness

As you are aware, the idea for Olympic themed ‘Light the fire within’ wellness campaign at RSU 18 was generated to tie into the spirit and excitement of the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. To continue these efforts, we are challenging all staff to participate in the Wellness Challenge Cup Passport named the ‘Let’s Go To Tokyo Challenge.’

Here are a few important details to keep in mind:

  1. Our ‘events’ will be divided into four (two-week) challenges. Each challenge will be released by Superintendent Gartley on his Twitter account @cfgartley via our district hashtag (#WeAreRSU18) at midnight beginning the two-week challenge.
  2. The goal for each school and department will be to complete as many challenges as possible to earn the most points, which in turn will calculate into miles getting you to your destination; TOKYO!!!! Be careful…..you wouldn’t want to get stuck in Boston or Walla Walla by not completing the necessary miles (9,588 mi.).
  3. Every two weeks, the Superintendent will release a number of challenges that will align to our district values of Mind, Body, Culture, and finally incorporate the Olympic values as well.
  4. The winners of each leg of the competition will be publicly recognized for their efforts and receive celebratory surprises!
  5. Raffles for cool prizes will take place after each two-week leg of the journey to Tokyo.
  6. All staff who complete at least 24 activities over the course of the 8-week challenge willearn an RSU 18 Wellness ‘Road to Tokyo’ Lifestyles shirt commemorating this year’sChallenge Cup.
  7. Superintendent Gartley will be calculating the scoring for each leg and the GrandChampion.
  8. The overall winner of this year’s Challenge Cup will be based upon the results of eachleg and their overall performance in this year’s Challenge Cup.

This year’s passport runs from February 17 through April 12, 2020. To earn the Lifestyle shirt, please check off the activities you have completed from this list of wellness activities and challenges. Please submit the final completed leg #4 passport to Kristi Farrell on or before April 12, 2020, through inter-office mail or email to kfarrell@rsu18.org.

Find the first leg of the Road to Tokyo challenge here .

School winner for leg 1: Atwood!


Find the second leg of the challenge here.

School winner for leg 2: BCS!


Find the third leg of the challenge here.

School winners for leg 3: It’s a tie! Atwood and BCS!


Find the fourth leg of the challenge here.






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