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Update on the Water Issue for Tomorrow, 5/23/23

I was just informed that tonight around 9:00 P.M. the water tanks for the Maine Water Company will be filled with water from the Kennebec Water District. At that point the do not drink order will be put in place for Oakland. This means tomorrow we will be under a no drinking order for the water in the Oakland Schools.

Bottled water will be available in all of the Oakland Schools tomorrow. Water fountains will be blocked off. We will cook with bottled water. Parents, if you want to send your child with a filled water bottle tomorrow that is helpful. Make sure to fill it tonight before the no drinking order goes into place if you live in Oakland.

The water is being tested tomorrow, and the hope is it will pass and the do not drink order will be lifted. But until then we will need to have these plans in place.

This does not involve the schools in Sidney, Belgrade or China.

If you have questions email me at cgartley@rsu18.org.

Thanks everyone.

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