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School Messenger App

Receive School News The Way You Choose

To make sure that you’re receiving school news and alerts in the ways that work best for you, RSU 18 is launching a new communications app.

Sign up for the FREE SchoolMessenger app today to:

  • Set your communications preferences for calls, emails, texts, and more
  • Receive all kinds of school messages (classroom and group updates, activity alerts, school and district notifications) in one single app
  • Review your messages on any device – smartphone, laptop, etc.

Go to http://go.schoolmessenger.com to download the SchoolMessenger mobile app for Apple and Android devices or use the web-based version from your internet browser.

With the new SchoolMessenger app, parents and community members have 24/7/365 access to important school notifications such as weather and emergency alerts.

In addition, the app can allow teachers and parents to directly communicate with each other, individually or in groups, all from within the same app.

Get started with the SchoolMessenger app today. Go to http://go.schoolmessenger.com and sign up for your FREE account.

Frequently Asked Questions


When will this feature go live?

We will make this link available on the front page of our website and also the RSU 18 Facebook page beginning May 1st, 2019.

How do I get the SchoolMessenger app?

The SchoolMessenger app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store on iOS devices or the Google Play Store on Android devices.

How do I register for SchoolMessenger?

Users including staff, students, and parents can sign up for SchoolMessenger directly from the app or from a browser at https://go.schoolmessenger.com

How does SchoolMessenger identify me?

During the signup process, users must enter an email address that matches their contact information in PowerSchool.

What if a I am unable to register?

Verify that the email address you are entering matches the email address in your student contact record that the school has in their Student Information System.

Can I disable calling for the Emergency broadcast type?

No. A school emergency is a unique broadcast type that is covered by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and requires at least one phone number be selected.

RSU 18 district does not use this broadcast type unless there is a true emergency. As an alternative, we have the Weather Closure broadcast type. Weather Closure is also TCPA compliant but gives users the flexibility of completely disabling calls. Learn more about TCPA

Can I disable calling for the Attendance broadcast type?

No. Similar to the Emergency broadcast type, a phone number must be selected for this broadcast type. If a student is unaccounted for, TCPA considers this a type of emergency.

Learn more about TCPA

Can users manage preferences for other users?

No. At this time there is no way to change preferences of other users. For example, a parent might want to manage preferences for a grandparent. Alternatively, a SchoolMessenger account could be setup for the grandparent and then managed separately.

Why am I am not receiving broadcasts?

There are a variety of reasons why you may not receive a broadcast. Specifically in the SchoolMessenger app, it is possible that you opted out of calls, texts, or emails for a specific broadcast type. Contact your school’s main office to troubleshoot.

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