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Tuesday Me-Time 11/24/2020

Happy Thanksgiving! The silver lining to a COVID Thanksgiving is that smaller, simpler gatherings can give us a little more downtime to practice some much-needed self-care.  Whether you’re cooking up a feast, attending a (safely distanced) social gathering, or hunkering down at home, we’ve got you covered. If you’re staying at home with your kiddos, that doesn’t mean self-care is out the window. Check out these 50 Self-Care Activities You Can Do Together With Kids. If you are gathering with family or friends, here are a few tips to help navigate those fun conversations that can come up at the Thanksgiving table (or Zoom call).  Ten Ways to Have a Better Conversation The 7 Impossibilities of Gratitude Giving thanks and being grateful can help chase away a lot of negative emotions.  Are you struggling to focus on gratitude in these tough times? We hear you. Give these prompts a shot:
Are you nervous about attempting a family recipe this Thanksgiving? Listen to this Life Kit podcast from NPR. Carrying On A Family Recipe, In Your Own Way. Once you’ve digested a bit, get moving and take a few moments to Ground into Gratitude with Yoga with Adriene.

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